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Kimberle Seale

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  Kimberle is defined by and passionate about inspiring possibilities, leveraging strengths, and discovering untapped capacity in my family, employees, and organizations. She does this by:

• anticipating challenges and risk that could impact success
• collaborating and building relationships that inspire trust to innovate and solve problems
• identifying unique qualities and strengths to increase productivity
• balancing innovation and process to create alternate solutions to effectively execute
• analyzing critical business needs, deficiencies and potential opportunities for improvement to balance efficiency, customer satisfaction, and enhancing competitiveness
• leveraging focused and active communication skills
• approaching my day with the attitude that I can learn something from every situation and every person I come in contact with
• building trust by doing what I said I would do

Specialties: Strategy Management & Execution; Project, Program & Portfolio Management; Business Analysis; Process Improvement; Lean Six Sigma; Strategic Planning; Business Planning; Risk Management; Quality Assurance; Software Development Methodologies including Iterative, Waterfall and Agile; Project Management Training and Consulting; Leadership Development